Little Artists NYC offers virtual, 50-minute arts and craft lessons to various age groups from toddlers to preteens in the comfort and convenience of their own home via Zoom. Through painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, and more, our classes encourage confidence and support artistic potential. With distance learning on the rise, your child’s creativity and self-expression is a necessity now more than ever.

1. Choose A Class

Private Classes are great for playdates and keeping your child’s friends connected. The host has the option to pick the time, date and craft as well as add guests. We will email your guests and send them an invite with all the information. We require a 4 child, confirmed minimum for private classes but you may invite as many guests as you like. You will have the option of individual payments or a single payment by the host.

Open Classes are similar to drop-in classes. Choose the craft for a single child or have the option to invite a friend. We will provide you the availability for each craft to sign up. The crafts for open classes are limited but change bi-monthly.

Premium Classes are catered to your child’s individual interests. Whether it’s tween bedroom décor, Star Wars, or special occasions crafts, Little Artists NYC can create a class for you. We require a 5 child, confirmed minimum for premium classes and an additional charge. Contact us to tell us more. If you can imagine, we can create it!

2. Materials

All materials for your class will be shipped to your first-class mail.  We ask that you book your classes at least  7 days in advance  to ensure all materials are received. If you are doing a private or premium class, we ask that to consider a few more days for your guests to confirm. While we include the elements needed for the classes, on some occasions we will require students to have a few basic essentials like scissors, tape, markers, crayons, etc. Any materials needed will be listed in the craft details.

3. Join the Class

Once you booked your class, you will receive an invite with instructions and a Zoom link. On the chosen date and time all you have to do is log in and get live instruction from an experienced teacher. Each class will last 50 minutes.
For further questions contact us at [email protected].